Monday, 16 July 2012

God is a Writer

 When God created man in his own image, he had writers in mind. Writing is not just an art, its an expression of divinity. Through words, we call forth the abstract thoughts that orbit the shakesparian planes into life. We breathe life into our characters and give them a world to live in. The characters we create bear a semblance of our image or those around us. Even though they may be different, but each is important, playing a small part in the big picture. The action of each person causes a ripple effect on the course of events, but most times like our characters, we are blind to this, oblivious of the subtle signs that have been placed. Like the characters in our books, we are appear on earth at a specific time, place and for a specific reason, with precision lest you disrupt the equilibrium.
   Like God, the writer has to give the character the free will, the ability to chose his path, and part in the scheme of events. But he alone would determine how the script ends. We may become so attached to the character, sometimes helping him cheat death, but we have to remain detached for the fulfillment of the expected end.
  Perhaps the true measure of the our divinity comes from our immortality. Writers never die, but live in other forms. We live through our books, our words, our works. Like God, we are omnipresent. we may not be physically present when that faithful fan picks up your book, but through the scenes, the suspense, the dexterity at which we deliver our ideas, the reader feels our touch, our power, our awesomeness. We remain fresh in their minds like wine dripping from the palm tree. When God created man, he had writers in mind, because God is a writer.

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