Thursday, 22 March 2012

Marx's permutations and the emergence of a new epouch

When Marx opined that 'capitalism would sow the seeds of its
destruction', many scholars, tink-tanks and analysts branded him
psychotic. Their stance was further buttresses by the failure of
communism and its variants in countries such as China, Cuba and
Russia. Today, the only country still practicing the communist mode of
production, North Korea, is deeply immersed in abject poverty. The
supposed infinite status of capitalism propped up an aura of arrogance
in many circles-political, economic and academic-as many see the
system as endless as the galaxy. I remember an old school mate of mine
who boldly asserted that 'every Marxist is a frustrated capitalist'.
Implying that capitalism is desirable by all. Those who oppose it, are
those whom the system has not favoured, and like politicians and
opposition parties, they cry 'wolf' just to get the necessary
Centuries later, the reality of the advent of a new epouch is slowly
dawning on us. While most of us are quick to cite the greed of
Multinationals, governments and entrepreneurs as the reason for the
end of the capitalist mode of production, made more feasible by an
orchestrated global crises, increase in alienation and employment and
the abysmal indebtedness of (3rd world) nations to global financial
vampires such as IMF and World Bank, we are oblivious of the attack on
other social institutions, the foundations of society.
Communism is not just an ideology, it is a manual of action. A
catalogue of scenes acted out by politicians, entertainers, mass media
and academia, directed by Multinationals and global financiers to prod
the world into a state of totalitarian control. This control is not
just economic, but holistic. It would not be instantaneous like the
French and industrial revolutions, but subtle and gradual, or what
Italian Marxist author, Anthonio Gramsci describes as an 'erosion from
inside'. A strategy, enshrined in Fabian socialism whose aim is to
destroy the institutions that prevent the common man from accepting
the tyranny of communism. Institutions such as the family,
Christianity and nationalism. Surge of the communist wave would box
society into a corner, forcing its members to give up their rights and
freedom in exchange for peace and stability from the emergent
political force. Thomas Hobbes tracing the genealogy of the state,
explains in his Social Contract theory how man entered into a social
contract with the state whereby he had to give up certain rights and
privileges in exchange for security, political stability and peace,
all of which are an utopian fraud meant to enslave the masses further.
The United States and its global puppet the UN give a perfect
illustration of Hobbes' thesis. Which country has the U.S or U.N
intervened in, that has fared better off after receiving their 'help'.
The media, universities, courts, music and movies have all been
infiltrated to bring down whatever barriers that may hinder this
growing momentum. Terrorists are created to provide an excuse to invade
the sovereignty of countries. Ask Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. Movies
such as '24', 'contagion' and 'heroes' are propping up images of a
police state and the need for it, because once your mind accepts it,
every other thing falls in place. The internet is creating a
borderless planet whereby physical and geographical boundaries have
been reduced to mere demarcations, while SOPA censors whatever
utterance you make in the cyber world. Speech jamming guns have now
been created, under the guise of using them in libraries.
Homosexuality and bestiality have now been legalized. The latter was
made legal in the US, which also incidentally enacted the marshal Law,
a totalitarian law allow the state to spy on citizens and arrest them
at will. Unmanned drones now patrol the skies while technology has now
made it easier for capital and cash flight. Divorce has been made cool
and normal, while evangelists such as Chris Oyakilome teach on
self-service(masturbation), proclaiming it not to be a sin so far your
mind is fixated on something that is not carnal while performing the
act. There are now groups promoting women's rights, political
correctness and gay rights. Having a contrary opinion brands you a
homophobe, chauvinistic and uncivilized. The total rejection of
democracies are exemplified in Syria’s pogrom, revolutions and Occupy
whatever protests. Religion, fatherhood, modesty and masculinity is
being attacked. People who have taken only a teaspoon in the vast
ocean of knowledge, now proclaim themselves as atheists, chanting
there is no God, anchoring their beliefs on logic and science. Our
intellectuals are either asleep or are mis-educating and brainwashing
the younger generation whose reality is been shaped by reality TV
whilst they dance away to disjointed immoral tunes. Through NGOs,
research grants and professional associations, theories and concepts
such as evolutionism, modernism, liberalism, SAP, individualism
have created an intellectual facade to deceive the populace.
  A new epouch is now before us, and like in all other instances of
social change, the slaves remain the same, only the rulers change. A
new epouch propelled by an unfettered increase of government power.
Big brother cameras spying on human activities, insertion of chips into
humans, cloning of humans, population control through man-made
diseases and dubious vaccines, military entrapments such as AFRICOM
are harbingers of this new mode of production. A global police state
where the government through schools, media and religion determine how
people should think, what to think about and when to think. A
propaganda machinery which distracts people with material ventures,
desecrates social values, concentrates wealth in the hands of a select
few while globalizing a singular culture to the exclusion of others. A
generation of 'shepple' rather than people.
All these are different points along a continuum. The death of
capitalism and the resurrection of communism (or whatever name it may
adopt). Marx was right, capitalism is reaping destruction from the
seeds of its greed. But are we ready for the consequences?


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