Friday, 25 November 2011

Africa: Lab rats of the west

       A black doctor who worked in a department that handled vaccines noticed that the vaccines which were sent to the black community had code numbers which were different from the numbers that were on the package being sent to the white community. He couldn't  why there was a difference. On one occasion he 'accidentally' mixed up the stock. What happened? The batches of vaccines were immediately recalled. What was in the vaccines that were different from the one going to the black community? Human experimentation has long been a strategy of the west to 'soft kill' the growth of blacks on one end, while creating markets for their pharmaceutical companies in Africa on another end. Fresh in our memories is the recent deliberate infection of 426 Libyan children with HIV/AIDS by the notorious 'Benghazi 6'; a group of European doctors and nurses who were barely released 2 years ago in exchange for arms. In one experiment on HIV sponsored by Gilead sciences, the
centers of disease control, the Bill & Melinda gates foundation and operated by Family Health International, Cameroonian subjects were given details about the experiment in English, even though many spoke french and were illiterate. In the 1950s, Hillary Kapowski and his team of American and Belgian vaccine scientists willfully infected over 70 million Africans in the central African countries of Congo DR, Rwanda and Burundi in the name of administering polio vaccines to them. In Nigeria, researchers conducting experiments for Pfizer injected children with an antibiotic called 'trovan' during a meningitis outbreak without the consent of their parents and the disclosure of the side effects and the purpose of the experiment. 11 children died and many left paralyzed.
           At the highest levels of medical cartel, Africa is nothing but a lab, its natives guinea pigs and lab rats. Through propaganda, the west hiding behind the facade of 'public health', is embarking on a campaign of racial genocide. Population reduction programs have been funded by 'reputable' foundations such as the Rockefeller foundation, Merck fund and the bill & Melinda gates foundations. Even the global institutions such as the World Health Organization and 'save the children fund' are players in this grand conspiracy. The areas most targeted are areas rich in natural resources and mineral deposits. Recently the Nigerian government hosted col. Nelson L. Micheal of the U.S military H.I.V research program. The purpose of his visit was to 'consult' with the Nigerian Action Committee on Aids (NACA), federal ministry of health, Nigerian scholars and donors, military, NGOs and government and ultimately pave the way for the administration of the newly
discovered HIV/AIDS 'vaccine' in Nigeria. These vaccines are nothing short of poisoned darts of infertility and genetic mutations. The issues which require urgent attention are swept attention are swept aside. In Uganda, the army and police move house to house looking for children to vaccinate at the same time things that kill children such as malaria, cholera and poor sanitation are completely untackled. 350 million Africans get malaria each year, yet the cost of malaria vaccines is $6 while that of polio-a disease that rarely catches people- is free.
In his book 'the river', Edward Hooper suggested that AIDS might be iatrogenic (caused by physicians), and that scientists might have unwittingly spread the vaccine through an experimental oral polio vaccine (opv), administered in central Africa in the 1950s.
            Africa should not be the proverbial fly that followed the corpse to the grave because it failed to heed to warning. The above scenario is a wake-up for Africa. African governments have to review and scrutinize all foreign health programmers. Africa needs to develop indigenous answers to its health challenges. The Japanese government recently suspended the use of combination vaccines from popular European and American pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer, sanofi aventis after discovering that a number of children died after being shot with combination vaccines. Colonel Micheal's HIV/AIDS vaccine mentioned previously recorded only 31% success in Thailand. This purported 'vaccine' is a combination of 2 previously failed vaccines. Africa's case is akin to that of the figurative grass that suffers when two elephants fight. Africa being the crown jewel of the earth is the center of attraction for a global scramble of  its minerals, resources and oil, but at the
expense of its people. As this race forges on, there is no doubt that the white supremacists would stop at nothing to lay their hands on Africa's resources including murder. If in doubt ask Gadaffi, Sankara and Nkrumah. A word is enough for the wise, half a word for the genius

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