Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Area Boys in Power

The thugs have left the streets,
And taken up political seats
Collecting tolls, hijacking votes
Hiring crowds to chant political jingos

The brutes in street corners
Have been legalized with state power
Flaunting propaganda like an engagement ring,
Voices of opposition are dumbed down, with political killings

So life becomes short, nasty and brutish,
The land is flooded with waters of anomie
Vultures of corruption and ethncism
Feed on the carcasses of citizens

The intellectual stands ashore,
Watching events like a ship off the coast,
The country, wobbles like a snake dancer,
Under the gentle strumming of political chaos.

The young -unprepared,
Naïve about the coming tasks ahead,
Solace, they seek in entertainment,
Selling their future, for a morsel of bread.

The broom has swept away civility,
The maize has been poisoned
The pen's conscience has no ink
And the umbrella can't stop hunger's drumbeats.

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