Thursday, 29 December 2011

and they would continue to slap us

        As I try to scribble this piece, i struggle not with words, but with laughter. I am choking because of the numerous responses and reactions which have been generated by a slap welding pastor. The event took place at a church convention where a female member of the church alleged to be a witch, was dished out slaps hopefully (or supposedly) in a bid to exorcise demons from her. The shepherd amidst cheers from his sheep, sorry members, strutted to the stage boasting about his feat.
      This is not a platform to exonerate or condemn the pastor. Afterall "all have sinned and come short of his glory". Rather let us examine the system that enables characters such as this to flourish, even to the point of attaining reverence of some sort. Events such as this are a recurring decimal in the Nigerian society. It is a society where money is a guaranty for immunity.
      This is not the first time that supposedly men of God have engaged in such violent acts. Few years back, a reverend known for his trademark 'goatee' beard was imprisoned on murder charges after he tried to burn a female member of his church alive. Our politicians loot our treasuries and use the same monies to hire a convoy of lawyers to defend them. We celebrate ex-convicts and criminals but the police is quick to swoop on petty thieves. Pineapples and pawpaws are now being imported from Benin and Togo. By 2015, the Ghanaian government would be supplying us electricity. A senator who happens to be a terrorist is now released on bail, yet thousands have lost lives in attacks he bankrolled. This is the only country where the government is scammed by faceless companies. The list of gross misconduct and sheer insensitivity is as endless as an abyss. The government keeps passing draconian policies because they know we are too scared to fight. Nigerians call the name of God for everything including flying cockroaches. We prefer to fast and pray rather than taking
 timely decisions.
        Ours is a society of hypocrisy and ass-kissers.  Why else would they want to remove subsidy yet not cut their bogus allowances. In the 2012 budget, N400 million was allocated to buying newspapers, and N750 million for lunch for the civil service. The amount given to refurbish the 4 existing refineries can build 6 new ones.
     So why wouldn't they continue to slap us? Everyday and in everyway we receive such slaps in a figurative manner. They use the biting poverty to coin prosperity messages and convince us to continually sow to partake in the 'divine blessings'. They take advantage the illiteracy to introduce obnoxious policies and hire orators like Sanusi to use technical mumbo-jumbo to brainwash us. The security operatives oppress us because they see the fear in our eyes and are too scared to know our rights. They use our religious, ethnic and linguistic differences to further divide us and create animosity so that they can create distractions and perpetuate their selfish agendas. The elite thrive on emotional blackmail but we are too preoccupied in making heaven whilst our feet remaineth on earth. Until we decide to deal with this deceit and fear. Until we decide to decipher what is and what should not be.
      Until we learn to lose our lives in order to gain it. Until we realise that
 our elders ate the fruits of their fathers but have refused to plant seeds for the future generations, then we should continue to expect slaps

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