Friday, 11 November 2011

Homosexuality: african's next time bomb?

Foreign aid, more often than not has be used as a tool to achoeve political rather than humanitarian purposes. During the 1980s, the impoerialist nations decided to cahnge their policy of direct power to a more subtle form of "soft power". Western countries including the United States decided to shift foreign aid from large organisations to small development oriented non governmental organisations-N.G.O-which were perceived to be more effective and economical in providing the imperialists the avenue to penetrate developing nations. The idea was to create an invisible sphere of influence through foreign aid. Aid money has been used to foster corruption, create dictatorship and sit-tight despots, and fuel ethnic strifes and rivalries. Aid money is the reason for some of the contient's conflicts, as it is seen as a readily available booty for the victor.
The recent comment by the UK prime minister, David Cameron seems to have lent credence to these facts and has further raised doubts on the relevancy of foreign aid to africa. The prime minister stated that the UK would no longer be giving aid to countries which are found to be 'anti-gay'. This ploy which cameron hopes would quench the critics from conservatives while also bolstering the image of his party as an apostle of gay rights, is coming at a time when the issue of homosexuality is dividing the continent. It is another degree on the already mounting international pressure on leaders of african countries to embrace sodomy. Already much rancour has been generated because of uganda's decision to punish this taboo by death. The country hwere aid makes up a third of its total budget is being arm-twisted by western nations and the U.S to reverse its purpoted stance, labelling its decision as draconian and a violation of 'human rights'. Also in malawi,
public out cry was generated as a result of the sentencing of 2 gay men to 14 yrsin prison with hard labour. In zambia, zimbabwe and kenya, self-accalimed homosexuals are being victimised, in some cases killed. If the audacious utterance by the british prime minister is anything to go by, then countries such as ghana, malawi and uganda, which have instituted laws against homosexuality could lose a combined total of about £150m in foreign aid.
But who needs aid anyway? Why is the west in a hurry to shove their immorality and decadence down our throats? What basis do people whose societies are ravaged by broken homes, single mothers, high divorce rates and a geometrical progression of juvenile rates, have advicing africans on what is wrong or right? The crusaders of sodomy are already perfecting strategies on championing the cause for sodomy on the continent through the smoke screen of equal rights and justice. Democratic party financial sponsor, george soros has been funding efforts in various african countries to 'expand' rights for homosexuality and prostitution. In uganda, UN officials were caught distributing information encoraging accepting homosexuality to teenagers. These evangelists of sodomy release scholarly publications stressing how homosexuality exists in african cultures. These myopic scholars cite same-sex marriages in some cultures as a basis for their arguments.
However, such propaganda exposes the ignorance of these scholars. Their arguments failed to take certain intricate points into cognisance. Smae-sex marriage in africa has cultural and not emotional functions. They are contracted to keep a linage from going into extinction thereby ensuring the transfer of wealth from one generation to another. They are undertaken not as a result of a person's will, but as a cultural solution to an impending disaster. It happens when a woman is barren or widowed. She marries another woman(wife) who would bear children for her in her name. The wife is allowed to bed a suitable male of her choice. However, this male has no rights over the child because the barren woman assumes patriachal rights over the baby. This union is devoid of sexual intimacy between both females as is obtainable in the west. These evangelists have even coined the term 'homophobic', referring to the fear of homosexuality, and have even rated this as
worse as(or even more than)racism. European adults target african children to satisfy their demonic urges. This is done through mushroom groups such as the open society institute of george soros.
The stance of the british and other imperial nations is an attacka on the african familial institutions and its cultures. This is a flagrant act of cultural imperialism. What would be the future of african generations if we are to accept this policy? Just the way the missionaries came with bible in one hand, but with an eye on our resources and children, that's the same way the imperialists are coming with aid money but to the subjugation of africaness in all its entriety. It seems the wisdom of cameron would be answered by observing animals. Do they pratice homosexuality?

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